Spring Update

On April 10th I will be defending my dissertation titled Reinvigorating the Queer Political Imagination: Affect, Archives, and Anti-Normativity. My defence will be chaired by Rebecca Duclos and the examining jury will be comprised of Thomas Waugh, Anne Whitelaw, Deborah Gould, Monika Gagnon, and Susan Knabe. Susan Knabe and her collaborator Wendy Gay Pearson will be giving a talk the day before on April 9th, “Recipes For Survival: Muffins for Granny and the Legacy of Residential Schooling.”

In the mean time I have taken a spring/summer contract with the AIDS Activist History Project, indexing their 1,500 pages of oral history interviews from participants all over Canada.

Alexis Shotwell and I are also working on a journal article for a special issue on embodiment for a|b Auto/Biography Studies Journal titled “‘This Is My Body’: Historical Trauma, Activist Performance, and Embodied Rage.” This piece expands on some of our earlier work with content from the AIDS Activist History Project including the theatrical work of Michael Smith.

I am organizing an HIV/AIDS film & videomaker roundtable on May 29th with Cecilia Aldarondo, Vincent Chevalier, Alison Duke, and Étienne Ganjohian  at the Sexual Studies Association Annual Conference taking place as part of the 2017 Social Sciences and Humanities Congress. I’ll also be presenting at the Feeling Queer / Queer Feeling Colloquium at University of Toronto taking place a few days before congress from May 24-26 2017.