Spring Updates

Soon I will be heading back to Maine to spend the rest of the spring and summer working diligently on all sorts of projects.  Between projects I will be on the road touring with the newest Against Equality (AE) book, Against Equality: Don’t Ask to Fight Their Wars, but for the most part I will be back in the Pine Tree State.  Unfortunately I will be leaving Quebec’s maple spring behind, but it was a truly inspiring time!

In Maine I will once again stage manage Outright L/A‘s annual dragapalooza at Bates College.  This fundraiser event, which raises thousands of dollars for one of Maine’s only queer and trans youth drop in program in central Maine, has sold out every year and it’s likely it will be no different this year.  With a slew of local talent, first time youth performers, and international performers like Dave End, this years event promises to be even better than the last!

I will also appear on a panel about public sex at the University of Southern Maine on April 17th organized by the always inspiring Wendy Chapkis. At the Sex Politics panel I’ll be focusing on the history of gay male public sex cultures in southern Maine and the ways in which consensual gay sex is criminalized through disproportionate policing, surveillance, and sex offender registries.

I will be working on two written pieces: “Radical Queer Semaine & Pervers/Cité: Montréal’s Queer Autonomous Festivals” for a forthcoming anthology titled Queer Autonomous Space and “That’s Right, We’re Here to Destroy Marriage!” for the activist anthology The Gay Agenda: Creating Space, Identity, and Justice.  The first piece will be co-authored with fellow Montreal organizer Frank Suerich-Gulick and will offer up a brief history and reflections on Montreal’s two anti-corporate queer & trans festivals.  The second piece will be a reflection on my own work critiquing mainstream gay and lesbian politics and the energy that goes into denying the freaky, queer, anti-capitalist agenda some of us homos really do have.

In May the newest issue of We Who Feel Differently (WWFD) Journal will become available online.  I guest edited this issue of the digital journal which contains new and archival material reflecting on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  The journal includes new writing by Karma Chavez and others as well as some great archival gems like UltraViolet‘s Queers Out of Uniform counter-recruitment pamphlet and more.

Lastly, to catch up on Against Equality gossip…  The After Homo conference in Melbourne was amazing and AE folks will have a piece in a forthcoming anthology reflecting on the conference and Denis Altman’s broader work.  I will be launching the AE DADT anthology in New York City as part of Carlos Motta’s WWFD “Museum as Hub” series at the New Museum.  Our new postcard series will be up on our website soon.  Lastly, Karma Chavez, Yasmin Nair, and I will be hosting our first Against Equality panel in Chicago on April 21st at Mess Hall to kick off a small mid-western tour!