Spring Updates

AE_QRNMITomorrow I am leaving to go on tour with the new Against Equality anthology, Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion which just came out for AK Press in March. I will be bouncing from the northeast to the southwest in about four weeks doing lectures, panels, and book launches. Full details of the tour can be found here and you can order the book directly from AK Press here.

I’ve also published my third editorial in the quarterly gay paper Out in Maine which will be available online soon. “You Must Marry!” asks now that the campaign for gay marriage in Maine are over with and done, could we can all be a bit more honest with our ambivalence about marriage and our criticism of the campaigns to win such a right? And what can we do to address the new pressures that exists on queer and trans people to get married, as if that is what we are supposed to do now just because we can? This will be up on my publications page where you can check out all my articles, chapters, and books to date.

The short film Rituel Queers that I collaborated on with REB screened at The Boston Faerie Cabaret in February and was warmly received. With any luck the film will have its European premiere at Entzaubert—my favorite DIY queer/trans film festival in Europe—this July.

My old friend Jessy Kendall of S/H/A/R/P/S and I collaborated on a track on his new album Shit Show that just came out. This track is a remix of Micahel Callen’s track “Home” on the 1994 album Purple Heart. I’m also working on another similar audio/video remix of 90s talk shows, HIV/AIDS, satanic cults, televangelists, gay porn, and the boy scouts due out this summer.