Winter Updates

liljoeLittle Joe Magazine will be publishing a dialogue between myself and Montréal queer film scholar Thomas Waugh in their next spring issue. We use his co-curated Queer Film Classics book series as a jumping off point to discuss queer film, history, pedagogy, and intergenerational queer friendship. There will likely be a launch for the issue in Montréal come spring, details forthcoming.

For February and March I will be travelling throughout Australia and New Zealand, doing a book launch here and there for Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion. Most excitedly I will be returning to Hares & Hyenas in Melbourne three years after our first event there. Other events will be listed shortly on Against Equality’s event page.

I’ve received a small research grant to do archival work at the University of Southern Maine’s LGBT Special Collections for my dissertation. I will be digitizing the entire collection of community newspapers from the late 80s and 90s, focusing specifically on Our Paper and Apex.  I will be in Portland, Maine for the majority of the summer doing this work and sharing updates as I go. When my research concludes, all issues of these papers should be DEC17_Homme_Fravailable for browsing online.

For the 2014 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on December 17th I designed a series of posters for APAQ demanding that both conservatives and carceral feminists back off their support for criminalizing sex work (bill C-36 in Canada), which only endangers the lives of those doing sex work.

Against Equality will also do a short write up reflecting on the Equal Rights Amendment for WSQ‘s special issue on the 1970s edited by Shelly Eversley and Michelle Habell-Pallán.  The issue is forthcoming in the Fall of 2015.

Lastly, despite the year of unemployment I have to look forward in 2015, it was just confirmed that I will be teaching a new AIDS Film and Video course at Concordia University in Montréal in the Winter of 2016!  I will make the syllabus available online next year.