Summer Updates

b1983I recently sent off proofs to curators of the upcoming touring exhibition Art AIDS America, which will include my piece b.1983 amongst hundreds of other artists. As described online, this exhibition “examines 30 years of artistic production made in response to the AIDS epidemic in the United States. Surveying the early 1980s to the present, this exhibition reintroduces and explores a spectrum of artistic responses to HIV/AIDS from the politically outspoken to the quietly mournful, considering how the disease shifted the development of American art away from the conceptual foundations of postmodernism and toward a more insistently political and autobiographical voice.” The exhibition’s touring schedule is as follows:

archivesMost of this summer I’ve been hanging out at the Special Collections Archives at the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. I’ve be digitizing the entire run of a bunch of Maine-based LGBTQ newspapers (10%, Apex, Community Pride Reporter, Fast Times, and Our Paper) from the 80s and 90s. Excited to be thinking about affect & trauma as it relates to the pre-protease inhibitor AIDS crisis days outside of major urban north american gay centers and how Maine’s mutli-year failed non-discrimination ordinances intersect with this history.

My short film things are different now… showed at the Outside the Frame Festival, a Queers for Palestine film festival and a creative alternative to Frameline’s pinkwashing, on June 21st.  I pulled this film from the Frameline Film Festival a few years ago and was happy to have it re-screened at this vibrant, ethically sound, alternative put together by a great group of local activists in the San Francisco Bay area.

There’s also a piece in the upcoming issue of WSQ: The 1970s I co-wrote with Karma Chávez and Yasmin Nair reflecting on the stalled Equal Rights Amendment. We approach the topic through our own work writing critically about equality rhetoric and gay rights legislation with Against Equality.

I was interviewed by the folks at the Gay & Lesbian Review for their spring 2015 issue as mentioned in the last update.  The full interview can be read here as a pdf for those that don’t have a subscription. It’s one of the best interviews I’ve done for Against Equality over that project’s lifetime.