Rituels Queer

keywords: pleasure, intimacy, inter-generational, lineage, knowledge, ritual, father/son, male bonding, film, super 8.

project description: Rituels Queer created by the collaborative team of Richard E. Bump and Ryan Conrad was filmed over the course of four sessions during 2009 and 2010. The intergenerational team chronicled one couples evolving relationship through various grooming, sexual and boyhood rituals (shaving, bathing, building a fort, etc.) This intimate and at times erotic portrait is screened in double projection which highlights the intricacy and complexity of relationships and asks the viewer to consider what images one chooses to focus on and why. Bump acted as primary filmmaker. All editing was done in-camera with additional camera work in the seventh of the eight 50′ Super 8 reels by Conrad. The original soundtrack was created by Chadd Beverlin.

richard e. bump