Fall Updates

AE_QRNMIThis month Against Equality turns six years old!  We have a publishing update on our website about our book Against Equality: QueerRevolution Not Mere Inclusion for those that are interested, but the short and quick of it is that we distributed over 5,000 copies of our new book since it came out a year and a half ago on AK Press and we very happy with that!

A few months ago I also signed a book contract with Arcadia Publishing for a new book titled LGBTQ Maine: Portland & Beyond as part of their Images from Modern America series.  This full color photo history book will showcase queer history in Maine since the 1970s with a focus on Maine’s largest city (and queer hub) Portland while not neglecting the importance of people, places, and events from Caribou to Lewiston. This project wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of the folks like Susie Bock at the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine who maintain the LGBT Special Collection (amongst other great collections). This project is set to wrap up in time for a launch at Pride in 2017.

I have two collaborative pieces coming out online and in print over the next little bit. I participated in roundtable discussion focused on transnational queer politics and organizing put together by Karma Chávez for the Scholar & Feminist and I am currently organizing a forum on HIV criminalization with a bunch of great folks for QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking. Keep an eye out for those forthcoming!

This fall I also began working with Melissa Autumn White on her research project titled Stranger Intimacies which focuses on the privatization of the refugee claims process in Canada since the 1970s and particularly the launch of the Rainbow Refugee pilot program by the government of Canada in 2011. Future publications are in the works under Melissa’s leadership. She will be presenting some initial findings at the upcoming American Studies Association Conference in Toronto where I will also be presenting a separate paper on AIDS art and checking out the premiere of Kami Chisholm‘s new documentary Pride Denied: Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics that I was interviewed for (amongst other brilliant thinkers and activists)!

Lastly, I’ve also done a couple interviews lately, one rather snarky, and the other rather sincere. My VICE interview with my Concordia University colleague Matt Hays deals with gay life after Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage. My Q5 interview with Brendan Kieran who co-coordinates the New England Archivists’ LGBTQ Issues Roundtable, focuses on my current dissertation research and against equality.